The word "fureru" represents the act of physically touching flowers and, more importantly, the desire for people to connect with flowers through this action, whether by gaining knowledge or touching the strings of the heart. The design adopts a linear theme, with lines radiating outwards to form a cotton-like shape resembling a seed in place of the dot in "fureru." By "touching" flowers, I hope to fill the hearts of customers with joy, and as their emotions float like cotton seeds, I wish for a chain of happiness to be born.
CL_Doc & Marty/心理カウンセラー ・コーチング ロゴ/2023
コーチングの言葉の由来であるCoachは馬車を意味します。「大切な人をその人が望むところまで送り届ける」という馬車の役割から派生して、コーチングという言葉が生まれました。その馬車をモチーフに…と思いきや今回は馬車ではなくタイムマシーンのデロリアン!なぜならばそう、Doc & MartyはBTTFのキャラクターだからです。「o」と「a」をデロリアンのタイヤにみたて、右上がりにすることで、クライアントの人生が上向く様子を表現しました。Doc & Marty のように最高のバディとなり、クライアントを明るい未来へと送り届けたいという思いが込められています。
The word "coach" from the origin of coaching comes from the term for a horse-drawn carriage. It evolved from the carriage's role in "transporting important individuals to their desired destinations." Instead of a traditional horse-drawn carriage, we used a DeLorean this time! That's because, yes, Doc & Marty are characters from BTTF. By visually resembling the "o" and "a" in "DeLorean" to the car's tires and tilting them to the right, it represents the idea of a client's life moving in an upward direction. This design embodies the desire to become the best partners like Doc & Marty and deliver clients to a brighter future.
枚方T-SITE/shugei lab. 店舗ロゴ/2020
CL_Chill/プライベートネイルサロン ロゴ/2014
CL_AHV PROGRAM/DF_Vancraft/ロゴ/2009
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